Webinar: Reducing C# debugging time with OzCode Production Debugger and Pulumi

When: Feb. 26, 12 noon PT, 3 PM ET

Tired of trying to debug your code by searching through endless logs and guesstimating the problem?
Wouldn't you prefer certainty?

Debugging C# applications often requires digging through a mountain of data to find the one exception that’s breaking your code. What a pain! What if we told you that this process is completely unnecessary with today's technology?

In this webinar, Simon Timms, Microsoft MVP & Senior Software Developer, will show how you can filter your data and zoom in on that single offending value in a fraction of the time.

Learn how to:

  • Use advanced search tools to reduce your C# debugging time
  • Search for specific derived values
  • Search with granularity on large, complex object graphs

Why waste time debugging when you could be crafting more awesome code?

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