Webinar: Reducing C# debugging time with OzCode Production Debugger and Pulumi

When: Feb. 26, 12 noon PT, 3 PM ET

Infrastructure as code brings a myriad of advantages to your DevOps environment. ARM, CloudFormation, and Terraform are examples of first-generation IaC tooling. One of the challenges with these tools is that they use orchestration scripts written in YAML or XML, which can be difficult to compose and even harder to debug. Pulumi is the first of the next-generation tools making inroads in this space by enabling developer-friendly infrastructure orchestration in C# and other major programming languages 

In this webinar, Simon Timms, Microsoft MVP, and Senior Software Developer will show how to deploy Ozcode Production Debugger in conjunction with an Azure App Service using Pulumi to facilitate quick and easy debugging of your C# Web Apps and services. 

We’ll learn: 

  • What the Ozcode Production Debugger is and how it transforms debugging C# code in the Cloud 
  • Infrastructure as code basics   
  • How to write and debug orchestration code with Pulumi 

Why spend time debugging when you could be crafting more awesome code? 

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